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Welcome! This is a forum for powering up the world of wellness and wellbeing—as well as through our journeys of expansiveness, whether by intention or fate. Especially now with so much happening in the world, this is designed to offer slices of serenity, insights and support. When life is in the throes of intense shifting, it’s vital not only to sustain our spirits through life’s turning, learning and yearning points, as well as to focus on all the possibilities available in creating best possible outcomes.


​This blog features many topics related to choices for living in wellness and harmony in desires of our hearts. Whether creating quality relationships, sustaining yourself through transitions, going for your dreams, finding time to do what makes your heart sing and more.

The Guts, Grace & Gusto philosophy is founded upon living life in authentic expression. It’s recognizing life is filled with lessons that can take your breath away. It’s remembering to breathe your way through them, one breath and one step at a time–when you may wonder what’s next, wander for what may seem like an eternity in the “What Now? Zone” and wish you could just get on with it. Your courage, wisdom, resilience, perseverance, and other qualities will guide you through whatever is yours to deal with and lift you to a place of greater well-being and happiness.

When faced with unexpected or undesirable situations, you may not exactly feel like dancing through them, but you do have the guts, the grace and the gusto to land on the other side, with a greater sense of well-being. That’s what this blog is all about—the genuine journey of authentic living. Join in the journey and share your insights.  Join in the journey. – Sandra Strauss

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