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Dancing Through Life with Guts, Grace & Gusto!

Stories of hope in the face of changing circumstances, Dancing through Life with Guts Grace & Gusto is a collection of inspiring stories on work, on life, on purpose--their discoveries and reawakenings for living life in tune with their hearts and sustaining themselves through transitions. It's about embracing life and all its challenges and changes with courage, humor, adventure, wisdom and grit in search of love, happiness, health, wealth, and well-being. 

Dancing through Life with Guts Grace & Gusto! is both an inspirational resource and an instructional guide for navigating new directions to experience joy, balance, harmony, well-being, purpose, and all the desires of the heart. You will learn how to:


  • Attract abundance & manifest your dreams…

  • Sustain yourself through times of transition…

  • Take time for yourself & focus on moments of joy

  • Enjoy supportive relationships…

  • Recognize your ability to create a succulent life…

  • Express yourself as an energetic woman who lives life with gusto!

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A book that gives you lots of “food for thought” about what life can bring you and how to come out on the other side of your problem with a positive attitude. Poignant and humorous in some instances. A great read!” – B. Bochner, Chicago, IL

This book illustrates the strength of will, embodiment of character and endless spirit that drives ordinary women to achieve extraordinary things. I salute their bravery, courage and grit. - Margie Moore, Executive Director, Women in Federal Law Enforcement

Every diva, arrived or aspiring, must read this book! She will find herself, her mother, sister or girlfriend in every chapter and will be reassured to know that we never do have to dance alone.” – Cynthia H. de Lorenzi, Chief Executive and Founder, Success in the City

Step by magical step, these talented "walkers on the pathway of challenges"have set forth the equally magical choreography of how every woman can choose to DANCE her way over, beyond and through those very same type of challenges. -Bob Danzig, CEO (retired), Hearst Newspapers

I took this book to the beach with me on vacation – great decision! I loved the advice and perspective on creating a more meaningful life. Guts Grace & Gusto was definitely an inspiration; I enjoyed it so much I bought additional copies for birthday gifts. Five stars!” – Laura Smith, New York, NY

Guts, Grace & Gusto is filled with grand, not giddy, wisdom which can un-trap you from your own boundaries. The authors prove that when life isn’t the party you hoped for, it’s time to start dancing.” – Madelyn Jennings, Senior VP-Personnel, Gannett Co., Chair-Executive Committee, The Freedom Forum

I LOVED IT!! A ‘MUST READ’ for every woman who has ever faced challenges in her life. A ‘bible’ for every woman to reference whenever life throws them a curve . . . a guaranteed motivator to take anyone from feeling defeated to being renewed again, back on the right path with a transformed sense of purpose.” – Cathi Adams, Divorce Secrets: What Every Woman Should Know

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