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Transforming Wellness Wishes into Reality

Updated: Aug 21, 2020

In my work as a Transformation coach, I ask both my clients and workshop participants about their wellness wishes–how they want to look and feel. The most frequent wellness wishes topping the list are to have more energy, to lose weight, and to simply feel better. They’re sick and tired of not experiencing the quality of life that they long for, and it’s affecting their happiness and well-being.

So there’s the gap–the difference between their current reality of where they are, and where they wish they were on a higher rung of the wellness scale. Closing the gap means taking action to transform a wellness wish into reality and knowing why you want or need to do that. Sometimes it’s because their doctor has recommended some changes, but often it comes from within, of not wanting to continue life without the vitality, the gusto, that comes with improved wellness.

This means changing a pattern that’s obviously not creating their desired results. That takes commitment of an intention to take action in closing the gap to experience a better state of wellness, that they’ve determined they want. And so it goes for all of us who desire a different reality to enjoy vibrant energy, vitality and a healthy weight.

The degree of your commitment to what you want, usually makes all the difference in achieving those goals. So does your belief.  Your beliefs are powerful and largely influence your success–if you can envision a different state of wellness and believe you can achieve it (even with periodic doubt), your positive belief will reinforce your desires. Same is true when people don’t believe they can transform their current circumstances–they’re likely to derail their success, because they’re putting more power into failure, likely based on a pattern that’s hounded them.

What you focus on expands, so the more attention given to success, the more times you’ll repeat patterns that lead to successful outcomes. Same is true when more attention is given to fear that you won’t succeed, or how horrible you feel and can’t imagine ever feeling good again because you’ve felt sick, tired or overweight so long it seems that’s your fate. Change begins when your thoughts do too, along with your intentions and staying focused on the actions that will create a new wellness reality.

The truth is change is possible and so is success in achieving improved wellness. You don’t have to be stuck in the gap. The way from “here to there” is paved with 1) your beliefs in new possibilities of success, 2) of knowing your “why”and your clear intention of how achieving your goals will positively impact your life, 3) an action plan suited to your goals and, 4) a support system to help in keeping your eye on the prize.

Wherever your intention goes, energy flows, so what wellness wishes would you like to turn into a reality?

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