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A Toxic Brain—Revelations from a Health Journey

“Sandra Strauss has taken a devastating journey, from the loss of her beloved husband to the failure of the conventional medical model to recognize environmental, infectious and toxin causes of disease, and has transformed her grief into advocacy and hope for those facing unexplained mystery illnesses, and their families. Unfortunately, a journey I am all too familiar with, and what led me to Functional Medicine!

This book is a comprehensive overview of the many challenges seen with Biotoxin exposures, and how to get to root causes and treatments, especially for neuropsychiatric illnesses. This valuable tool not only provides resources for testing and knowledgeable practitioners, but also for the critical role of the caregivers and the support they need. It’s a much-needed wake-up call to help navigate with mind, heart, and spirit the journey to wholeness and healing!”

Margaret Christensen, MD



Thank you for your interest in A Toxic Brain—Revelations from a Health Journey. Toxicity is now recognized as a contributing cause of Type 3 (toxic) Alzheimer’s Disease, Lewy body dementia, other neurological diseases, as well as many other chronic conditions.

Extensive research confirms that biotoxins from mold, insect bites, heavy metals, chemicals, and other toxic agents fire up inflammation, especially in those who are genetically susceptible, causing a firestorm of imbalances. Unfortunately, conventional medicine rarely evaluates patients for the root causes underlying cognitive decline, depression, behavioral issues, gut issues, and other symptoms that may also be manifesting. The good news is there is now a proven pathway for evaluation and to recovery, as well as how to help prevent or reduce our risk of such debilitating diseases from happening altogether.

Dan Watts, MD, ND, a functional medical doctor with his functional practice, The Renewal Point, has reviewed the book for accuracy and provided his own commentary throughout. Both he and his wife were stricken with mold illnesses, and both recovered using now recognized therapies. Their own toxic illnesses inspired him to transform his conventional practice into functional medicine to better support his patients with insights into root causes and biomarkers to identify potential or existing issues.

I was inspired to write about our personal journey since our experience is becoming increasingly common now with so many contributing causes of unidentified health issues working against the health of our bodies and brains. I share many observations in pursuit of answers in hopes that readers might avoid a similar experience as well as to assist others who may be seeking their own answers with precision evaluation.

I appreciate it if you’d take a minute to post a review on Amazon.

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