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Toxic Bodies/ Inflamed Brains--A Wake Up Call for Us All

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We’re never truly prepared for unexpected challenges created by a chronic illness or disability. Nor was I.  When my husband, Rick, 59 at the time, was stricken with a mysterious illness, overnight our lives were in a tailspin, robbing our family of every shred of the familiar.

He  manifested multiple symptoms, some extremely bizarre affecting his body and brain. When 
standard tests ruled out organic reasons, his team of doctors believed his condition to be psychiatric in nature. Intuitively, I knew there was something underlying his mysterious illness. Fortunately, in desperate search for answers, we were led to a biotoxic researcher. His unique testing of Rick’s specific biomarkers revealed inflammation at the core, fired up from exposures to toxic mold and undiagnosed Lyme disease.


Rick was the proverbial “canary in the coal mine,” a “poster guy” of sorts. These tests show us what can happen when a body is overwhelmed with all the toxins we’re now absorbing, ingesting and inhaling into our bodies, and piling up at rapid rates.

Living in today’s toxic times, our bodies are constantly bombarded with chemicals, biotoxins, 
heavy metals, all linked to inflammation along with other factors. When you’ve got genetics as a poor detoxifier (about 25% of us do), bodies go haywire, firing off multiple imbalances. Inflammation is now recognized at the root of alphabet neurological maladies like ADHD, ADD, OCD, ALS, MS, AD, PD as well as many other chronic conditions.

From what I both witnessed and experienced through that roller coaster journey, I am inspired to “unpack” why that happened and how he was helped. Scientifically proven protocols and lifestyle choices are now demonstrating that many such conditions are reversible and preventable. The “silver lining” revealed from our journey, is the wonderful news I share of the ways we can now support dynamic destinies for ourselves

and our loved ones!

Smart Choices for Today's Toxic Times


My presentations offer insights not only for those who may be experiencing a similarly confusing, frustrating journey in search of answers, but all who are:


  • Alarmed over mounting headlines about increasing toxic impact and connection to health issues

  • Concerned about what’s happening to the quality of our food and environment

  • Wanting to feel more energized and focused

  • Wondering how to improve sleep, lose weight and feel great!

  • Exploring options to enhance wellness and wellbeing.

  • Seeking sanity-saving solutions for stressful times 


It’s a wake up call for us all to maximize wellness at a time when nutritional deficiencies, toxicity, obesity, and stress are taking a dramatic toll. My presentations awaken audiences regarding these health realities and offer recommended strategies for enhancing your health and well-being today and proven pathways for dynamic destinies!

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