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Wellness & Wellbeing

Life has its defining experiences . . . . mine was ignited from a long journey in search of answers regarding a mysterious, chronic illness that struck my rarely, ever sick husband. Doctors were perplexed, and I was determined to find what had transformed him into a stranger with such unusual symptoms.

It was an eye-opener and inspired me to share our story once I realized the same things are making millions of us vulnerable for the same reasons, yet manifesting with a wide range of symptoms. As a longtime author and speaker about the world of wellness and wellbeing, our journey made me an even more fervent wellness warrior!


It's a sad fact that millions today are sick, stressed out, and flat-out fatigued. We’re dealing with a multitude of health issues, including weight gain, brain drain, problems with digestion, exhaustion, immune function, sleep, mood and more with people running everywhere in hopes of recovering their elusive health.


While vibrant wellness is desired by all, skyrocketing statistics of Alzheimer’s, diabetes, obesity, autoimmune diseases, cancer, and other chronic conditions are clearly showing us that health destinies are at risk. These are taking a tremendous toll upon our relationships, our work, finances, and overall wellbeing in every arena of life.


There’s a silver lining to all these sobering statistics, and the insights I share offer exciting news, especially now aware many are preventable and reversible. With increased awareness, our destiny can be transformed into a golden age for wellness, shining brightly for all ages! More about my presentations here and my new book, A Toxic Brain--Revelations from a Health Journey. 

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