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Sandra Strauss

Powering Up Vibrant Living!

As an author, speaker, and wellness champion, I love sharing stories and strategies for embracing life with guts, grace & gusto. I write and speak about many topics that fire up my passion—from creating environments of wellness . . . revealing needed paradigm shifts and lifestyle choices for enjoying vibrant health . . . advocating caring communication and forging dynamic relationships . . . to offering sanity-saving solutions for maneuvering through life’s turbulent times.

What is the Guts, Grace & Gusto® spirit? It’s heeding the language of the heart. It’s inspired by the expression of the winning actions, attitudes and choices through life’s trials, transitions, and transformations. I’ve found it to be a positive, personal life guidance system for carving out more of what’s envisioned in the arenas of desired health, harmony and happiness. It’s created with intention by expressing life-enhancing qualities of: 


  • Guts—Facing changing realities to navigate through life’s turning and learning   points.

  • Grace—Receiving guidance and support that lightens our way; and the grace derived by our intention to create peaceful connections with others.

  • Gusto—Firing up an indomitable spirit with ageless vitality, enthusiasm, and joy!

We all have our stories. Mine has included many challenges in every stage of life in which I’ve been tested to “walk my talk.” A few include seeking answers regarding both my personal and family health challenges . . . navigating through the confusion and the demands of my husband’s 12-year battle with a debilitating, neurological illness . . . juggling my own career through the demands of caregiving simultaneously for several loved ones . . . adapting to life interrupted by uninvited events, processing so many losses . . . and adjusting to new definitions of living on purpose.Facing changing realities, powered with the attitudes and actions to navigate through life’s turning and learning points.


With my desire for powering up vibrant living, I’ve put my passion to work:

  • Coaching clients to transform their wellness wishes into reality

  • Inspiring choices to support dynamic health destinies

  • Offering wellness strategies living in a world out-of-balance.

  • Creating national campaigns featuring healthy food choices and lifestyle habits.

  • Presenting workshops for energizing the winning spirit.

  • Writing books including:     

A Toxic Brain—Revelations from a Health Journey

Dancing through Life with Guts, Grace & Gusto!

Get Along with Anyone, Anytime, Anywhere—8 Keys to Creating Enduring Connections

Let’s create a community of connection and share your comments in my blog—filled with dynamic options for powering up vibrant living!


Guts, Grace & Gusto!® is a registered trademark of Dynamic Options, Inc.

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