Sandra Strauss

Journeying through Life with Guts, Grace & Gusto!

Sandra Strauss is an author, speaker and long-time wellness champion. She speaks and writes about a variety of topics that fire up her passion—from creating environments of wellness and health . . . advocating healthy lifestyles and relationships . . . exploring the roots of many chronic health issues . . . to promoting sanity-saving solutions for maneuvering through life’s turbulent times.

Sandy has had countless opportunities to use those same strategies while seeking answers to what had fired up so many of her husband's symptoms and brain issues . . navigating the demands of his 12-year battle with a debilitating, neurological illness . . . juggling her own career through the demands of caregiving simultaneously for two loved ones . . . then processing all the losses . . . and ultimately gaining clarity in messages she’s compelled to share from those experiences. 


Sandy writes and speaks about journeying through life with the “guts, grace & gusto spirit." Whether relishing all the experiences you may welcome into our lives or for those which arrive uninvited, nevertheless we're charged with the responsibility to navigate them. These indomitable qualities energize us to embrace life with:

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Guts—Facing changing realities, powered with the attitudes and actions to navigate through life’s turning and learning points.     


Grace—Empowered with benevolent forces of support and gracious encounters.


Gusto—Firing up that indomitable spirit with unstoppable vigor and enthusiasm.

Her engaging presentations offer both insights and solutions for successfully traveling through times of trials, transitions, and transformations. Sandy’s zest for supporting wellness and wellbeing in a world out of balance has put her passion to work:

Serving as consumer media educator on environmental concerns, food issues and positive, and productive communication strategies

Launching national marketing campaigns about healthy food choices and lifestyle habits

Creating a health & wellness television news series

Producing an extensive video library featuring consumer tips on a wide spectrum of fresh produce and seafood varieties 

Developing training modules for empowered living

Coaching clients to transform their wellness wishes into reality

Inspiring choices for all ages to support dynamic health destinies

Authoring books to inspire desired health, harmony and happiness including:


She invites you to review her blog and share your comments—it’s filled with a collection of reflections for journeying through life with guts, grace & gusto!