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Life is an ever-changing dance of possibilities with plenty of twists, turns, and transitions.  Whether they’re experienced for the fullest expression of our heart’s desires or arrive uninvited by chance, we undoubtedly will find ourselves at times facing uncharted, unfamiliar terrain. Plans and priorities undoubtedly must shift to ride these tides of change, carving out new pathways for our journeys of endurance.

My own twists and turns--from earlier heart callings followed by a long siege of the soul—served as catalysts for redirection and renewal. A career change became necessary upon recognition that all the time, energy, and creativity that I had invested, no longer yielded the same meaning and significance as in earlier days. The unmistakable stirrings within my heart, nudged me in new directions—presenting workshops and keynotes regarding the attitudes and actions that lead to empowered, dynamic destinies. 

However, years later those dreams of living my passion were dashed for some time when an unimaginable, mysterious illness suddenly turned our family upside down, bringing life as we knew it to a halt. Serving as a long-time caregiver to my neurologically impaired husband was a roller coaster ride with its constant adjustments of expectations. Yet, as challenging as that was, it ultimately served in gaining the wisdom extracted from those many years.

With many insights to share, my passion continues delivering important messages vital for the health and wellbeing for us all—for energizing the attitudes and actions in meeting challenges with guts, grace & gusto!


"Sandy is a passionate advocate for natural wellness in this increasingly toxic world. She is well-informed, articulate, and focused on helping people upgrade their health naturally." ~ Felix Liao, DDS, MAGD, A.B.G.D., Whole Health Dental Center, Falls Church, VA

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