The Guts, Grace & Gusto Spirit!

Life has its inevitable twists and turns. Unexpected events can dash our dreams while we are busy with other plans, shattering even the most well-designed ones. Whether our challenges arise from our own choices to change or unanticipated in nature, we’ve got work to do! The attitudes we hold and the actions we take when facing life’s turning points are fundamental to experiencing inner balance and wellbeing. When we take the right steps to reach desired realities, we are powered with purpose. This crafts a redesign of our future to rise above any resistance that can trip us up.

By viewing life’s detours as opportunities for expansion when they’re encountered, we can seek ways to re-ignite, rediscover and re-energize ourselves. By excavating the authentic self, we gain clarity of a new vision and pathway with passion and purpose.


"Meeting Life’s Challenges with Guts, Grace & Gusto!" features strategies and stories, including how to:

  • Sustain and energize yourself in the midst of life’s unexpected events

  • Prioritize and free up your resources to adapt to change

  • Embrace your potential and put it into expression

  • Create joy amidst a roller coaster of emotions




“A very dynamic and energetic speaker. Exceptional!”– Jean Honey, Research & Assessment Analyst, Chesapeake College

"Drawing from her personal life experiences, Sandra shares her insights in navigating the turbulent waters of life. Sandra’s positive energy is captivating and contagious, leaving the audience feeling empowered to face the challenges and successes of their lives with guts, grace and gusto!" Susan Mulligan, Whole Health Connections