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Your Power to Choose Resiliency

How fast do you bounce back when life throws you a curve? Whether a chronic situation that wears your down or one that knocks you for a loop perhaps after being embroiled in an emotional battle? Enduring humiliation? Suffering disappointment? Failing to perform at your expected level of competence?

Emotional resiliency is the ability to recover from painful feelings, in order to experience a renewed state of emotional equilibrium. The emotional recovery process is critical to feeling good about yourself and your well-being—your quality of life relies upon it. Emotional resiliency involves accepting your feelings, acknowledging their presence, embracing the valuable messages they bring to your awareness and integrating them into your experience of living.

We humans often postpone attracting better things into our lives by staying stuck in the heartache, excuses, blame, animosity and feelings of inadequacy. By refusing to define and direct actions for catapulting us out of “The Pits,” we may choose instead to stew, fume, accuse, resent, grieve, despair or spin our wheels until later, when the time is right or we feel up to it. Procrastination delays movement for altering our future. Time goes by and with it, the opportunity for healing and triumphing over debilitating emotions that we’ve chosen to replace our happiness.

Like the branches of a tree that bend in flow to outer forces, being resilient requires adapting to the stressors woven into every life. It’s meeting the unexpected with the conviction to stay focused and find new solutions to the challenges at hand or those looming on the horizon. It’s picking up the scattered shards of expectations and piecing together new dreams. Resiliency is committing to learn from misfortune, extracting its lesson and applying its teaching.

Tap your inner courage, strength, determination and perseverance, your unlimited reserves within for mastering resiliency. Hold on to them to fortify you through tumultuous times. Make a commitment to face life with resiliency to keeps you flexible through all the winds of change, bending but not breaking from the unforeseen forces of life.

If you find yourself in the throes of change, what’s one choice you are willing to make today for boosting up your resilient spirit?

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