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March is Lewy Body Dementia Medical Awareness Month!

I am excited to join in the celebration of medical awareness of Lewy body dementia. From our personal journey for answers regarding what could have caused such an array of unusual symptoms and behavioral changes in my then 59-year old husband, expanding practitioners' understanding of LBD is vital! I searched for answers as to what had suddenly transformed Rick into a stranger. I documented in detail my continuing observations in hopes they would then be able to identify and accurately diagnose him. Since nothing was revealed through conventional testing/MMSE, no dementia including LBD was on their diagnostic radar.

There was so many collateral consequences of not having a dementia diagnosis for 3 1/2 years. It was only on year 11 of his "mysterious" disease, a neurologist would provide a late stage LBD diagnosis and that finally explained some of his more baffling behaviors. Once I learned my husband's case was not so rare, I was inspired to write A Toxic Brain: Revelations from a Health Journey in hopes it might offer caregivers a tool for recognizing just how crazymaking behavior can become, as well as offer evolving research regarding brain health.


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