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May is Lyme Awareness Month

Lyme disease is not easily diagnosed, yet its inflammatory response in the body often creates so many symptoms, brain issues with behavioral issues and personality changes among them. This month is devoted to increase awareness of Lyme since it can mimic a wide array of symptoms and patients not receiving an accurate diagnosis. Although we were searching for answers nearly 20 years ago and Lyme disease was ruled out by many conventional practitioners with whom we consulted, functional evaluation more than a year later, demonstrated a direct biotoxic connection through specific biomarkers. Yet, even with these, they presumed Rick's case was psychiatric instead of toxic-related. The neurotoxic inflammation from toxicity ultimately led to his dementia. Huge knowledge gaps regarding evaluation and treatment of biotoxin illnesses continue to be a critical missing piece contributing to patient recovery. A Toxic Brain was written to share our experiences navigating the healthcare system, which might also offer insights for readers who may find themselves on a similar journey. It's an important resource for today's toxic times, whether from nature or increasingly from other environmental exposures.


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