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AlzAuthors Podcast Featuring Toxins and Their Link to Dementia

Listen to my interview featuring A Toxic Brain on the AlzAuthors podcast.

Living in today's toxic times, I am grateful for opportunities to share our story of how toxins (mold, Lyme, heavy metals and chemicals) ultimately would be linked to my late husband, Rick's, diverse symptoms including disturbing behavioral changes.

Striking him early at 59, mainstream doctors dismissed dementia for 3 1/2 years, attributing his symptoms to stress, depression, and psychiatric issues. This resulted in so many confusing twists and turns, until tests finally confirmed a dementia diagnosis and all of his symptoms totally aligned with neurotoxicity.

A Toxic Brain was accepted into the collection last year, with its mission to expand awareness, reduce stigma and offer encouragement and insights in service to others on their own dementia journeys with their loved ones. I was honored to be interviewed on their podcast sharing the challenges of navigating his illness without an accurate diagnosis, the frustration of conventional doctors dismissing his inflammatory markers linked directly to specific toxins, the roller coaster ride of changing symptoms and resulting care issues, not confirming Lewy body dementia until 11 years into his illness among others associated with dementing illnesses. Had Rick been thoroughly evaluated early on regarding his environmental exposures with his genetic predisposition as a poor detoxifier, (which includes about 25% of the population) our journey together would have offered the possibility of a different destiny.

The years of experience seeking answers to a condition not recognized in mainstream medicine, provided me with plenty of revelations to share with readers, as a means of paying it forward. With a desire to share our journey with all the collateral damage resulting from conventional medicine not exploring root causes of all his symptoms, gave birth to A Toxic Brain. Once I realized the vast numbers of people who are especially vulnerable to toxic exposures and the potential therapies that might transform their fate, I was compelled to share not only our story, as well as vital information living in today's toxic times to reduce risks of chronic illnesses and forging a different future. A Toxic Brain offers insights intended to guide readers to where answers can now be found. Fortunately, ongoing research now confirms the connection of environmental toxicity and its link to neurological issues, including a toxic type of Alzheimer's and and more recently Parkinson's. Answers now exist in practices that embrace the wisdom of research revealing proven protocols that are helping patients prevent and reverse cognitive decline.

Our experience awakened me to today's realities and serves as a wake up call for us all. I would greatly appreciate posting any comments here as well as reviews on Amazon, BookBaby, or other retail sites for expanding awareness of available resources in service to better understanding of these debilitating illnesses.

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