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Preserving Face Time in a Facebook World

This morning I received one of those friendship emails, how the bond of friendship sustains us through life’s twists and turns, celebrations and challenges of life, and passed it on to those who have done exactly that. Then, an hour later, I got a call from a dear long-time friend, cancelling her birthday celebration tomorrow, having to deal with the crazymaking throes of her mother’s dementia living hours away. A disappointment because we don’t get to see one another often enough, but more importantly she needs a big dose of R & R because her stress level is tipping the scales in the danger zone between her mom’s care issues, son’s job search and work overload.

Times like this call for more than a Facebook update status. What undoubtedly would help in boosting sagging spirits is a”cappucino connection,” that utterly delicious blending of friends coming together to share a slice of time (and maybe something chocolate to take away some of the stress and heartache)—in a bottomless cup of comfort that lingers long after the last drop.

Our connections, our face time with others, are vital to our well-being and health. Research has proven just how essential they are to reducing stress, creating happier lives andimpacting longevity. In our frazzled, fast-paced lifestyles, the threads of friendship can easily unravel from too much to do, unless we consciously keep weaving them together beyond our Facebook status updates, and get some real, upclose and personal “face time.”

Connecting with friends may seem like sheer indulgence in our overcommitted lives. Yet, the time we invest in sharing and supporting each other can be the best remedy for whatever ails or annoys us, makes us crazy or stresses us out. Conscious “connect-ability” is becoming more essential in the frequently faceless connections of our increasingly anonymous culture, dishing up slices of humanity beyond what YouTube, Vimeo or others capture for replay.

Friends and face time connections offer an invaluable mutual support to:

  • Share your concerns and get feedback (without missing body language cues)

  • Have your feelings, ideas, and opinions honored

  • Hear

  • Sustain you through life’s challenges by

  • Celebrate achievements

  • Be treasured and valued for who you are

Building supportive connections produces a priceless legacy—valued for lending a sympathetic ear; providing encouragement, support and appreciation; respecting feelings, honoring ideas; boosting spirits and going beyond to do what’s needed or desired.

A friend is a lifesaver, who throws a lifeline of support when needed to keep you afloat over troubled water, and sings back the melody of hope when you may have forgotten the words. And whenever life offers up more lessons for resilience, you take turns doing the same, but never throwing in the towel.

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