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Before the “Silver Lining” is Revealed

Updated: Aug 21, 2020

Have you been the recipient of “Look for the silver lining” adage when your life took an unexpected turn? It’s not very comforting but there is much truth to it.  Sometimes it’s too early to see anything but the veil of darkness that may overshadow everything during those times when it’s anything but bright and sunny. Life’s tragic events can take your breath away for awhile. Fear of what lies in the future might cloud the horizon.

I have walked down some scary paths holding to that principle to “keep my eye on the prize,” believing the “silver lining” would eventually blind me with its radiance. It doesn’t mean you won’t have doubts, deal with fears, or wonder what lies next on the horizon. It’s exactly during these times that a change of perspective is vital. Whatever you’re experiencing, is a part of your story, and your journey is leading you deeper into yourself, revealing more of who you are, what you believe to be true, what you desire and your intention to survive, thrive and be fully alive because of it.

Even when your life is falling apart, shaken up, or in the process of re-assembly, it holds the promise of something being revealed of great value when viewed later in perspective. You may want to shun those who offer optimism as a means of  comfort when you’re suffering the fall-out of whatever slammed into your life. Yet, change is carved out for each of us, in different measures at different times.

By holding to the promise of the silver lining, you will some day be able to look back, (or up) and see it was there hanging in the shadows, disguised as a test of endurance, but there anyway for deepening awareness.

Silver linings are there, but often an inner journey necessary to extract the good from a life experience. Keep digging to discover the kernels of awareness that can change your perception. Recognizing what might be gained from a challenging situation, can change your attitude, as well as serve as inspiration for others as a source of wisdom, service or motivation.

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