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Attracting What You Want

Updated: Aug 13, 2020

In preparation for a session I’m facilitating this week on “Envisioning Your Favorite Future,” I envisioned setting the tone with Jana Stansfield’s CD, “If I Were Brave.” Its lyrics repeatedly beg the question, “What would I do today, if I were brave?” Works magic inspiring people to think about their own answers.

Saturday morning I rummage through my workshop prop box only to come up empty handed. The CD jacket was there, but no CD. Another opportunity for letting go, but the lyrics are permanently implanted in both my head and heart.

I really wanted to share this inspiring song because those lyrics reflect the power of the heart, of blasting through fear and taking steps toward your dreams. I didn’t let go of my desire for musically getting to the heart of the matter and having that question, “What would I do today, if I were brave? “ echo in their hearts. I just wished it would materialize.

I’ve found through my workshops, sometimes people are fuzzy how they would put their courage to work. I hear “I don’t know.” Yet, more often they do know. They have lots of reasons (AKA fears) to keep a lid on their dreams because unleashing the secrets buried within would create a world of change, and that can lead down some scary roads of intentionally walking down an uncertain future. Yet, everyone has the potential to act courageously and manifest dreams. It’s the unwillingness to let go of fear and focus on the “what ifs” that overrides them.

In my desire to let go of stuff no longer needed, I participated in a local “Circulation Day” last Saturday. A brilliant form of exchange—a no-sale yard sale, of bringing what you don’t need or want any longer, and taking, if so inspired, something in exchange. So, I gathered together a carload of stuff that needed to go– clothes, boots, books, CDs, my mom’s tap shoes , in hopes others would find them useful.

They say nature abhors a vacuum (my nature is I abhor vacuuming, but that’s another topic! When we let go, something else takes its place. Getting all of that stuff out of the house immediately made me feel lighter and hopefully freed up some space for more good to flow.

After unloading it all, I scanned the treasures others were letting go. What an instant lesson that provided! For sitting right there was “If I Were Brave” CD, just hours before I had wished would materialize. What a perfect illustration of getting clear on your vision and watching the Law of Attraction manifest, in wondrous ways, just what you do want.

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