A Toxic Brain--Revelations from a Health Journey


As a consumer educator with decades devoted to promoting strategies for wellness and wellbeing,  A Toxic Brain--Revelations from a Health Journey unpacks my husband’s case with all its complexities in service to others similarly stricken.

The complicated nature of his neurological condition robbed our family of every shred of the familiar. I offer our experience, including personal details about Rick’s sometimes wild, uncharacteristic behavior and personality changes, for anyone who might be facing a similar situation and wondering what happened to their loved one. As an endurance run of body, mind and heart, the book details other matters related to Rick’s inflammatory disease—relationship rifts and shifts, family dynamics, care issues, legal consequences, and support strategies—in the hopes that it may help others navigate through their own challenges.

If you or a loved one is suffering from a collection of symptoms impacting both body and brain, undergoing test after test in hopes of a diagnosis, or been given one that doesn’t seem to fit, answers do exist! There's now plenty of good news through proper evaluation and protocols! A Toxic Brain--Revelations from a Health Journey is written in service for those who may resonate to our experience and seek discoveries that are changing health destinies.

The book will be available Winter 2021, please fill out the form to be notified when it is.


Without credible answers from mainstream medicine as to what mysterious illness had stricken my rarely sick husband Rick, I embarked upon a fervent journey of discovery. What had fired up so many strange symptoms that turned him into a stranger, seemingly overnight?

A year into exploring its cause, a brilliant, resolute researcher using revolutionary diagnostics, noted that inflammation from biotoxins was at least one of the toxic agents which resulted in toxic encephalopathy. His history included long-term chemical exposure, accumulation of heavy metals and other inflammatory agents. Eleven years into his illness, a doctor would diagnose him with Lewy Body dementia. Yet, the links that had caused his disease would be further validated after his death, as a toxic type of Alzheimer's.  His case serves as a quintessential example of how multiple inflammatory agents launched a cascade of imbalances leading to chronic illness, yet largely not factored into his symptoms.