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Powering Up Vibrant Living! 

I am very excited to finally share with you that my next book, A Toxic Brain—Revelations from a Health Journey is now available!


Far beyond sharing details of a mysterious collection of symptoms that seemed to suddenly manifest in my husband, it’s a story for our toxic times. None of countless tests in conventional care uncovered answers, but eventually were precisely revealed outside of mainstream medicine. With that discovery, the startling realization struck me: Could there be legions of people undergoing tests that don’t reveal underlying issues, yet resulting in debilitating fates from undiagnosed root causes of inflammation?

What if the roots of their illnesses were identified early enough or treated with therapies that might possibly change their health destinies? This is exactly why I wrote this book because answers do exist, yet still not part of traditional evaluation and treatment. Every minute someone is being diagnosed with a neurological issue somewhere and far too many health destinies are at stake.


This book is for all of us living in today’s inflammatory times, to take note and take action because what you do today is paving your health destiny. With a desire to create a space for sharing, I hope you will visit my blog being launched to serve an important community of wise seekers in a world out of balance.

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Powering Up Vibrant Living

As an author, speaker, and wellness champion, I love sharing stories and strategies for embracing life with guts, grace & gusto. I write and speak about many topics that fire up my passion—from creating environments of wellness . . . revealing needed paradigm shifts and lifestyle choices for enjoying vibrant health . . .

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"Fantastic inspirational message! Sandra knows her material!"

"Sandy is a passionate advocate for natural wellness in this increasingly toxic world. She is well-informed, articulate, and focused on helping people upgrade their health naturally."

"Sandra is a fabulous role model; she is encouraging, upbeat and informative. Her energy and enthusiasm is contagious. We appreciated her message and participant feedback was excellent, remarking they felt inspired, hopeful and uplifted.

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